Donald L. Merand

Album - Exploration Slideshow

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Exploration Slideshow was my first solo album. I wrote and recorded it in the summer of 2004 in New Haven, CT, while working as a summer IT coordinator for Explo. The album was entirely conceived, written, performed, and recorded by me over the span of about 7 weeks.

I’m posting all the tracks from this album, and will be posting all of my other music up here as well. At some point I may post the lyrics as well. Do with this music what you will - remix, put it in your slideshow, whatever. I hope you enjoy it.

Download the entire album as one compressed ZIP file here

  1. love
  2. secret like affair
  3. green
  4. see/want/like/need
  5. room
  6. don’t be sad
  7. hipster band
  8. bench
  9. song for amy
  10. changes of season
  11. asleep

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